Prevents Crystal Agglomeration (Struvite) Gradually removes existing Agglomeration in digesters and lines

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Lagrange, Georgia
It Works!
The following are before and after shots of belt presses in the treatment plant in LaGrange,Georgia. The Long Cane Creek Waste Water Treatment Plant has been using our product POLYGONE SUPPRESS to remove and prevent struvite for approx. 2 months. This is a job in progress, notice most of the struvite was gone in only 4 weeks. Plus there is no new deposition!
Belt Press before polysuppress treatment Belt Press after polysuppress treatment

Jeff Henderson
1514 Old Hutchinson Mill Road
Long Cane Creek WWTP
LaGrange, GA

July 20, 2000

John Schaner

Schaner's Waste Water Products
302 Aspen Lane Dundee, MI 48131>

Dear John,

This isn't a typical "Dear John" letter informing you that you are no longer wanted. In fact, this is the opposite; this is a pat on the back for a job well done. We have been using Polygone-suppress for about 3 weeks and have already noticed remarkable effects. The product has opened up the holes in our dandy roll that were completely covered up with struvite. We have also noticed a difference in our production- we have been able to increase the sludge throughput by 20% without increasing polymer dosage. Our filtrate clarity has also improved dramatically; the filtrate solids have been cut by almost 50%. We even keep a spray bottle of Polygone near our polymer make-up unit to clean any spills or accumulation of polymer. Your representative, Paula Meyers, has also made the start up enjoyable and painless. She has great process knowledge and mechanical ability. She installed the pre-fabed spray bar quickly and efficiently. I'm enclosing some before and after photos of our press to show what a dramatic difference between the "before" and "after".

Jeff Henderson

Bio-Solids Manager
Long Cane Creek WWTP


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