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Santa Rosa, CA
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The following is a letter of recommendation from Mike Reynolds from the City of Santa Rosa Utilities Department:

City of Santa Rosa Utilities Department

March 21, 2001

Subject: Schaner's Polygone Suppress

The City of Santa Rosa's Laguna Wastewater Treatment Plant employs four Ashbrook Winklepresses for dewatering anaerobically digested biosolids, which are a mixture of primary and secondary sludges. The formation of struvite on the presses has been a major contributor to maintenance problems since startup and the driving factor in our press rebuilding program. In the past we have found it necessary to rebuild our presses at four year intervals. This was primarily due to damage caused by struvite deposits on wear surfaces and the plugging of drainage passages. Both mechanical removal of struvite and chemical removal treatments have been used in the past. Both methods are labor intensive and cause considerable equipment downtime, and neither method could get all the struvite in hard to reach places. In late 2000, Schaner's fitted one of our presses with application and metering equipment. All visible struvite was removed from the press within three weeks. We since have had the equipment installed on the remaining three presses and are achieving the dame results. Though it is too soon to quantify, we anticipate being able to stretch our major service interval considerably through the use of Polygone Suppress, and also anticipate increased belt life as there is virtually no struvite being deposited on the rollers so the belts can run straight and true, as they were designed to do. In addition to our success with the product, we have been thoroughly pleased with the way Schaner's does business. All schedules were met, downtime was minimized, and installation was performed with no disruption of production, we have found customer service to be excellent in all respects. The use of Schaner's Polygone has been the single most effective measure we discovered to ease the maintenance load in our belt press facility. Please feel free to call me at 707-543-3374 if you have any question regarding our experience with Schaner's.

Mike Reynolds

Biosolids Coordinator



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